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Oh No, I Have Astigmatism!


We often see patients in the office that either have astigmatism or they have a family history of astigmatism. A lot of these patients are so worried, thinking it is a disease or scary problem of the eye.

Caring for Contacts While Traveling

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There are few things worse than traveling somewhere and realizing that your contacts feel uncomfortable in your eyes and you can't get to your eye care supplies. Whenever you travel, if you are a contact lens wearer, you have to plan ahead. As you are preparing for long flights, road trips, or any journey lasting more than a couple of hours, you'll want to make sure you are fully prepared for any eye-related situation you may encounter. 

Tips For Putting In Your Contact Lenses

Close-up photograph of young woman putting contact lens in eye

Putting in your contacts is a task that gets quicker and easier over time. However, that doesn't mean that any of the proper steps should be abandoned to make it go faster. Here are some crucial things to remember when it comes to caring for your contacts and your eyes. 

How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Contacts

I fit a lot of children with contact lenses, probably earlier than many of my colleagues. In fact, most parents are surprised when I tell them I have successfully fit children as young as six years old and trained them to insert and remove the contact lenses themselves.