Everything you Want to Know about Latisse

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When it comes to ocular aesthetics, there are many different methods and products available to help improve your appearance. But when it comes to lengthening your eyelashes, Latisse, tends to be a go-to for most. But what exactly is Latisse, and how is it different from the other options out there?

We’d like to walk you through everything there is to know about Latisse, and how it can improve the length, thickness, and darkness of your eyelashes.

What is Latisse?

Latisse isn’t exactly new—it’s been around since 1998 when it gained FDA approval. The story behind Latisse is actually kind of interesting, as it was discovered by mistake! Doctors who were using a glaucoma drug noticed that their patient’s eyelashes were growing longer and more lush as a side effect of the drug, and the rest is history. How it works isn’t exactly understood, but it’s thought to lengthen the growth phase of eyelashes, and also increase the number of eyelashes that actually grow.

How does it work?

Latisse is applied via a one-time use-only applicator to the upper lash line, every day for at least two months. After three months or more, your doctor may recommend reducing the application schedule to every other day. Full results are generally seen between 12 and 16 weeks, so be patient! The most common results of Latisse are lashes that are 25% longer, 106% fuller, and about 18% darker.

However, if you stop using Latisse because you have achieved the results you want (longer, thicker, darker eyelashes), your eyelashes will eventually return to their normal state.

As we mentioned, Latisse is FDA approved, and clinically shown to grow thicker, fuller, longer lashes in participants. There are other topical ointments out there that may claim to help grow your lashes, but Latisse is the only one currently available that has gone through the FDA’s rigorous testing standards and is available by prescription only.

Are there any side effects?

Some of the side effects that you may experience with Latisse may be simply annoying, while some may be more permanent. Possible side effects include:

  • eyelid darkening (that may go away if you stop using the medication)
  • hair growth where it’s not desired (if the product drips)
  • dry eyes
  • red eyes, itchy eyes
  • brown-pigmentation of the iris that is permanent 

Also, some key things to remember: apply Latisse only to the upper eyelash line, never to the bottom, only using the supplied applicator ONCE, and always remember to take out your contact lenses prior to application.

Is there anyone who should not use Latisse?

While Latisse is safe for most people, there are a few conditions or situations that you and your doctor should be aware of prior to prescribing it for you.

  • If you are currently being treated for ocular hypertension or glaucoma, your doctor will want to monitor your eye pressure more closely.
  • If you have eye conditions like uveitis or conjunctivitis or are at risk of macular edema.
  • Those with severe allergies or a skin infection on the upper eyelids.
  • Anyone pregnant or nursing.
  • People under the age of 18.
  • Anyone who Latisse has not been prescribed for.

Are you ready to learn More about Latisse?

If you are ready to start experiencing fuller, longer, and darker lashes, Latisse is a perfect solution. We encourage you to talk to your doctor about your lash concerns, and see if Latisse is the right solution for you!

We offer a full range of options designed to fit you, your eyes, and your life, so make an appointment today!