What’s the Best Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 09:45
mature woman with droopy eyelid, holding her eyelid up with one finger, eye lift concept

Drooping eyelids are one of those things that we have to contend with as we age. But other than just accepting it, what can you actually do about your drooping eyelids without going under the knife?

There are many options available in the world of ocular aesthetics, and you may already be familiar with what’s popularly known as an eyelift. Many individuals have enjoyed great results after undergoing a blepharoplasty, but this is by nature a surgical procedure, and inherently comes with a list of risk factors and precautions to take. Plus, one can expect permanent scarring or marks after any piece of skin is removed, and one’s eyelids are no different.

So what about Botox? Many people have experienced great results after receiving a Botox injection to improve the looks of their drooping eyelids. Botox injection works by relaxing the muscles that can create fine lines and wrinkles, but some recipients can experience side effects like headaches, difficulty swallowing, or numbness. And if you aren’t cozy with needles, then Botox injections definitely aren’t for you!

alternatives to surgical interventions or injections

If you are looking for the benefits of an eyelift without going under the knife or experiencing the prick of a needle, you aren’t alone. And if the side effects and risks associated with surgery or injections don’t personally make sense for you, what can you do?

There are and have been thousands of creams and treatments all geared at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, tightening and toning skin, and giving you that wide-awake, alert look you are going for. But the results can be hit and miss, and take weeks or months (if ever) to materialize.

So what else can you do to capture the benefits of an eyelift without the cost, risks, side-effects, or recovery time associated with all the other options?

a safe, non-surgical eyelift treatment that isn’t a cream, a gel, or an injection

Lids by Design® is a simple adhesive strip, customized to suit your level of lift that disappears when applied to the skin. How does it work?

Contours Rx corrective strips are designed to be easy to apply, simple to use, and undetectable on your skin. Whether you are looking for a little lift or a lot, Contours Rx Lids by Design® corrective strips are a real “eye-opener!” Simply press and apply, for that bright, wakeful appearance that you may have only been able to achieve by undergoing surgery or enduring an injection, all without any creams, magic spells, or potions.

Ocular aesthetics continue to evolve and respond to the growing demands of consumers who are looking for eyelift options that will get them the results they are looking for, via a procedure or process they can embrace. You owe it to yourself to explore all the options that are out there before deciding on the solution that’s right for you! Call us at 208-322-8439 to learn more about Lids by Design.