Types and Frequency of OTC Eye Drops

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Man putting eye drops in eye

Maintaining quality eye health is critical for your vision and allows you to prolong your eyes' quality. One of the best ways to protect your eyes is through the use of eye drops, which can have many purposes, all working to restore and maintain your overall eye health. Most people have used eye drops over time for one reason or another to either fight a condition or maintain moisture within. If you have been prescribed eye drops for your eye health, it is important to understand how to use these eye drops and 

How Do Eye Drops Work?

Eye drops are a solution that can be made with prescription medications or a saline solution, depending on its need and purpose. When you apply eye drops, you need first to make sure that your eyelids are open wide to get the drops in. Position the drop bottle over your eyes and then gently press the bottle, allowing the drops to fall directly into your eyes. Depending on the prescription, you may need one or more drops in each eye. They will immediately moisturize your eyes, blending with tears from the ducts and allow some form of temporary relief. 

Can I Use Eye Drops Every Day? 

Most patients do not use eye drops every day, but as they need them when irritation occurs. Some eye drops can be used daily, especially if you suffer from severe dryness and irritability in your eyes. If your eyes are not getting the moisture, they need, however, there may be another reason for this that should be addressed for your overall eye health. If the reasoning for your eye drops is more than just dryness, then you should certainly look for a longer-term solution that extends beyond daily eye drops. 

Different Types of Eye Drops

Not all eye drops are made the same, nor do they serve the same purpose. To maximize your vision, you could use eye drops for the following:

  • Allergy Relief
  • Artificial Tears
  • Dryness and Red-Eye Prevention

For those who suffer from allergies severely at certain times of the year, the need for allergy relief eye drops is essential. These patients keep these eye drops available during the allergy season and uses them regularly when interacting with pet dander, dusk, pollen, or mold. 

When You Might Need Prescription Drops

Artificial tears are often prescription eye drops available for those whose tear ducts are not producing properly or at all. These are meant to be temporary uses in many cases until a more permanent solution can be scheduled and performed. 

Those who suffer from dry eyes or severe redness do require the use of specialized eye drops. These eye drops are essential to maintain the area around the retina, keeping it moist and only meant to be used for a few days at a time. 

How Is Your Eye Health? 

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