Iconic Eyewear Equals Fashion

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Eyeglasses are essential for vision, but now these days have become an extension of the wardrobe, lending another way to express oneself or make a statement. Glasses come in a variety of colors, from fiery red to more suede colors like black and brown. Even the shape of the lens can make a bold statement.

In the Netflix movie “Always Be My Maybe,” the main character, Ali Wong, wears eyeglasses the entire movie. What sparked people's interest was not the fact she was wearing glasses, but the bold style of the frames. They had people wanting to know the brand and where they could find them. In the movie, Ali Wong switches between several frames from Gentle Monster and Dita, both with very fashion-forward designs. The importance of a lead role wearing glasses showed the audience and young viewers that glasses can be so much more than a necessity it can be statement pieces that can become a part of your style.

            Ali Wong Wearing Fashionable Glasses Ali Wong Always Be My Maybe

When picking out glasses it’s important to get a frame that suits your face that is also comfortable. As the saying goes opposites attract, which is also the general rule of thumb when picking out eyeglass frames. If you have a square face shape a rounder frame might be more complimenting to the face and vise versa. However, these are only soft guidelines, and the most important part of picking out glasses is, do you feel confident in the frame? And does the frame fit your look and aesthetic you are going for?

diagram showing eye glasses shape for different face shapes

What makes a frame stand out can be the color, and there is no shortage of colors to pick from. There are reds, purples, and multi-color tortoises.

Marc Jacobs red framed eye glasses. round metal frame eye glasses

The material can also give the frame a certain aesthetic. There are plastic frames, metal, combination, and even wood frames.

aesthetic eye glasses

Also, the shape of the frame can contribute to the aesthetic. It can have thick lines for a more bold look or more rounded edges for a softer look.

Glasses don’t only have to be a necessity and don’t have to be unstylish. There are so many options out there and glasses can be an extension of your personality, style, or even mood.