Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor

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Front view of a phoropter with blue background, machine used for eye exam by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist

Regular eye exams are the key to eye health and consistent vision. Many common vision issues can be treated when found early, and your eyes are worth caring for. In order to keep your vision from fading over time, regular eye exams are key.

Take a minute to think about the last time you went to the doctor. If you can't remember or it was over a year ago, or if you are unsure that your vision is ideal, it's probably time to make your next appointment.

What to Lookout For

Eye exams are as essential to your health and well-being as your annual doctor's appointment. Here's how you know you're almost overdue for a visit.

  • Your vision has changed. If it's harder to read, see things across the room, or complete regular chores, that's a good sign that you may need a check-up.

  • You get regular headaches. This one can be tricky, but if you're having more headaches or different pain than before, you'll want to check in on your vision as part of the evaluation process.

  • You don't remember when your last eye exam was. You might be overdue!

  • Driving at night is becoming more challenging. This can be attributed to many things but is worth checking on.

Time to See the Doc

If any of these issues ring a bell, take a minute to make an appointment with Gem State Eyes so you can keep your eye health strong and keep living your best life.

Make it Easy on Yourself

A visit to the eye doctor doesn't have to be an extra stressor. At Gem State Eyes, we can help you make the appointment you need to protect your eye health while making the process easy and stress-free. 

Schedule your appointment today!