Everyday Eye Health

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Protecting your eyes and preserving your eye health are major priorities for most people, but the simple actions needed in order to maintain eye health are sometimes forgotten or ignored. Mostly, this includes regular eye check-ups, managing digital eye strain, and being aware of any changes in your vision.

Keep Eyes Healthy

Your eye health is important to aging well, keeping up your lifestyle, and getting the most enjoyment out of all your years. You don't want your eye health to disintegrate because, without good vision, you'll miss out on a lot of the fun of life.

It's easy to take good vision for granted or not think about what you may need to do to protect your sight. However, it's just as essential as looking out for your general health and wellness, and regular checkups are key.

Quick Vision Health Tips

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), simple ways to protect your vision are:

  • Get regular eye exams
  • Know your family's eye health history
  • Wear sunglasses that block out 99-100% of all types of radiation
  • Eat a healthy diet including leafy greens and maintain a healthy weight
  • Don't smoke, or work to quit smoking

Having a good relationship with your eye doctor can also ensure that you follow up on any changes to your vision, learn more about potential eye issues to look out for, and make lifestyle improvements that can ensure you have healthy vision for the long term.

Let's Chat

If you're thinking it's probably time for an eye health check-up, you're probably right. Since vision is so important, it's not something you want to let go. Schedule your appointment with Gem State Eyes today and we'll make sure your eye health is tip top.