Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor

Front view of a phoropter with blue background, machine used for eye exam by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist
Regular eye exams are the key to eye health and consistent vision. Many common vision issues can be treated when found early, and your eyes are worth caring for. In order to keep your vision from fading over time, regular eye exams are key.

Digital Eye Strain is Real

Tired overworked young business man sitting at computer taking off glasses rubbing eyes, vision problem or issue, digital eye strain
Digital eye strain may be a relatively new infliction - it's only been around as long as our screen time has increased from a few minutes a day to several hours, with some people reporting over 10 hours of staring at a screen in one day. But, digital eye strain is real and needs to be addressed by individuals, discussed with your doctor, and mitigated as possible.

3 Most Common Vision Issues in Adults

Beautiful adult woman patient during an eye examination at the eye clinic. Ophthalmologist. medical, health, ophthalmology concept
Adults can have a variety of vision issues that develop later in life. That's why you want to have a good relationship with your eye care specialist and a routine of regular checkups; it's not just about checking your glasses or contact prescription, it's also about making sure you're aware of any changes in your eye health. Shifts can happen slowly, and you want to catch it before it's a major eye health issue.

Vision Requirements for Idaho Drivers

Young businessman driving to work, view over the shoulder, driving with glasses, vision screening or requirements for drivers license concept
If you live in Idaho and want to operate a motor vehicle, you are required to have your vision screened before obtaining your driver’s license. A vision screening is also necessary each time you return to the sheriff’s office to renew your driver’s license.

Iconic Eyewear Equals Fashion

detail view of various eyeglasses lying on a tray, fashion and eyewear, glasses
Glasses can be so much more than a necessity it can be statement pieces that can become a part of your style.

Diabetes and the Eye

Elderly man examined by an ophthalmologist
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes it’s important to get annual eye exams to make sure diabetic changes are not occurring in the eye.

Diagnosing Corneal Infiltrates

optometrist examining female patient on slit lamp in ophthalmology clinic
Corneal infiltrates are an inflammatory reaction that can be caused by contact lens overwear. Common symptoms are mild to moderate pain/irritation, redness, and mild discharge.

What to Know About Cataracts

Closeup of a senior woman's cloudy eye, cataract concept cloudy lens
Cataracts cause clouding of the lens. The most widely known cause of cataracts is age, but cataracts can also occur due to genetics, trauma, and systemic diseases.

Diagnosing Anterior Uveitis

closeup of mans face with red eye, anterior uveitis or swollen red eye
Anterior uveitis is inflammation of the anterior uveal tract which consists of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. Common signs and symptoms are pain, light sensitivity, redness, blurred vision, and tearing.

Hypertension and the Eyes

Elderly man examined by an ophthalmologist, hypertension or high blood pressure exam from eye doctor
Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure and can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and aneurysms. Hypertension usually does not have any symptoms unless it is severe.