Diagnosing Anterior Uveitis

closeup of mans face with red eye, anterior uveitis or swollen red eye
Anterior uveitis is inflammation of the anterior uveal tract which consists of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. Common signs and symptoms are pain, light sensitivity, redness, blurred vision, and tearing.

Hypertension and the Eyes

Elderly man examined by an ophthalmologist, hypertension or high blood pressure exam from eye doctor
Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure and can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and aneurysms. Hypertension usually does not have any symptoms unless it is severe.

Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Training by Cooper Vision® Brand

Check out this helpful training video from Cooper Vision that will help you safely put in and take out your contacts.

What are Pterygiums?

close up of the advance pterygium during eye examination
Previously we introduced you to pinguecula, that little yellowish growth composed of harmless calcium and protein deposits that can develop on the cornea of your eyes. Now let us introduce you to pingucula’s bigger and more attention-seeking sibling: Pterygium.

What are Pingueculas?

close up eye, acute pingueculas, asian patient has red eyes and feeling pain, infection in eye
The sun has started gracing us with its warm presence! Many Idahoans are already anticipating the days to come: of the endless hours basking in the sun’s rays, hiking those mountain trails, roaring across dirt roads on those four-wheelers, and getting those hands dirty with garden soil. Come late August you will be feeling better than ever, right?

Dry Eyes? Avoid These 4 Makeup Ingredients

various makeup products and cosmetics isolated on pink background
Ever look at a list of ingredients on a new beauty product and wonder if it’s really safe to put on your face or near your eyes? Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the chemicals used in beauty and cosmetic products? The only thing the FDA monitors is the mislabeling of ingredients. They can’t control whether something is labeled hypoallergenic or organic and they can’t even force a company to remove or recall dangerous chemicals, they only send warning letters!

Allergy Survival Guide for Your Eyes

happy young woman enjoying summer in yellow field at sunset
Spring is here and everything is in bloom! It’s beautiful outside and after being cooped up all winter (and quarantine), we can’t help but be drawn to the outdoors! But if you are like the roughly 20% of the population that is affected by allergies, you may have a different view. We all know about the typical symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and congestion, but let’s talk a bit about how allergies affect your eyes and more importantly, what to do about it!

Astigmatism Causes and Correction

We often see patients in the office that either has astigmatism or they have a family history of astigmatism. A lot of these patients are so worried, thinking it is a disease or scary problem of the eye.

Don't Touch Your Eyes to Reduce Spreading Covid

woman wearing face mask, rubbing her eyes, coronavirus concept, COVID concept, eye health
There are a number of very good reasons that you should keep your fingers out of your eyes, especially at a time like this- when the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire. But this concept isn't new. Doctors have encouraged people not to touch their eyes (especially if they haven't washed their hands) for eons.